Thank you for your interest in hosting an Unscripted Jam! The Unscripted Jam occurs every 2nd Friday from 6-7:30 in The Loft at Third Coast. Jams are open to everyone, of any skill level. Hosts will welcome participants, lead warm-ups and games, play energetically and enthusiastically, and generally support a fun time for everyone. No alcohol is permitted at The Unscripted Jam.

1-3 hosts will be selected for each jam date. Hosts must be experienced improvisers, good leaders, and great ambassadors/representatives of Unscripted.

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We will contact you to confirm the dates for which you are selected. (Disregard any dates that have passed). July-Dec dates will be posted in June.
Ex: Completed Level 3, perform regularly with house team Freak Pony, etc.