Our Mission

Unscripted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which enhances the educational, emotional, and mental wellness of our community through improv.

our story

Unscripted was born from the desire of Nashville’s Third Coast Comedy Club co-founders Luke Watson and Scott Field to serve the community beyond performances in the club’s theater. Emma Supica, an improviser and nonprofit arts educator in the community, signed on to serve as founding director of an organization which could deliver this vision. Supica dedicated her master’s thesis to learn more about the impact of improv as a tool, and set out to build Unscripted. 

We are...

  • professional improvisers, people who have never improvised, and all those in between

  • a community that knows life can be messy, unplanned, and unpredictable

  • open and accessible to as much of the community as possible

  • always learning more about the deeply rich practice of improv

  • yes, and anything